Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Redux

We were SO overdue for a weekend like this:  sunny, warm(ish), 3 WHOLE DAYS LONG...sigh.  It was awesome.  We hiked, we biked, we grilled, we socialized, we cleaned...I even went to the movies.

On Saturday, we hiked  and it was probably Ruby's best day in her entire 10 month life.  We let her off the leash and you could tell at first she didn't really believe it.  She stayed very close and kept looking at her leash in my hand, like "This has to be a trick, right?  Well I'm not falling for it!"  After a while, though, she got more comfortable and by the end of the 3 miles, we were whistling for her every few minutes to come back in sight.

At the end of the trail, there's a little creek with a waterfall and we all stopped there for a snack and Otto and I even stuck our bare feet in the icy mountain water.  Bracing.  Ruby went nuts, especially when another family with another doodle joined us.  It was the dog version of Clash of the Titans as the two dorks played and wrestled in the creek and then up on the dusty hillside.

We were so glad Ruby's been recently shaved because the other doodle?  Who still had all its crazy hair?  A huge mess.  HUGE.  Once Ruby was dry, I was able to brush her out to where she looked pretty much clean.  
Right after the Epic Doodle Battle:

Other than that, we got a lot of chores done (washed both cars, and all our bikes, cleaned, did some planting), grilled some delicious food , (I know that recipe says to broil the chicken, but it was SO GOOD grilled.) and just generally enjoyed eachother's company.

As always, though, I didn't have enough time to do EVERYTHING I was hoping to get done (so sorry, picnic table that still needs to be sanded and sealed) but we did a pretty good job cramming a shit-ton of activities into three days.

ETA:  Oh! Oh!  I forgot the Breaking News from this weekend...my son now poops in the potty!!!  You're welcome.

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