Friday, July 6, 2007

Flurries of....activity.

Things are just beginning to settle down now after a harried holiday. My parents got here last Thursday and we had a wonderful visit (even if my Mom tends to drive me a wee bit crazy). Friday, we drove to Ft. Collins for some shopping- I scored some new flip flops, 2 nursing bras ( I am now a total hoochie in a D cup...too bad my belly dwarfs them so bad, because my ladies are quite magnificent at the mo') and a clearance maternity top. Was on the look out for used kids stuff (pack n' play, jogging stroller, and the like) but no dice.

Saturday, we built a picnic table "together". Well, technically, I let my dad rock the power saw and pretty much all the tools and work and stuff, I made myself useful by holding things when I was told and, uh, handing him tools and stuff when I was not sitting in the shade drinking lemonade. Anyhew, the table and benches are made of redwood and turned out so pretty. I foresee many a drunken BBQ with the table taking center stage. I think the dog appreciates it too, as it gives her another shady spot in the yard- we've been roasting the last week or so.

Sunday was our Baby Q (Baby Shower + BBQ). It was a total hoot and we got a lot of great gifts: clothes, blankets, boppy pillow, rocking chair, handmade quilt, bathtub, 24 packs of Pabst and other assorted goodies. Just about everyone we invited showed up (40+ people!) so there was lots of socializing and eating great food. And drinking Pabst. If you ask me, that's the way to do it. I think The Husband actually appreciated being involved, and his buddies seemed to have a great time. With their Pabst. It was so much better than an all-girl thing with stupid games. (No offense, if you're into that sort of thing...)

I spent most of Monday and Tuesday helping The Husband get ready for a two week long tour with his band (I tried to emphasize that soap and deodorant are as important as guitar picks and strings...what would he do without me? ). And then on July 4th I just sort of collapsed in an exhausted heap of hot pregnantness on the couch. I had some invitations to hang out with buddies, but honestly, I was enjoying the quiet. Of course, the house feels a bit empty now, after all that activity. But I've got the pets to keep me company and this little mexican jumping bean in my tummy.

Speaking of, HOLY CRAP does this kid like to boogie. Evenings seem to be the most active time and its entertaining to just lay back and watch my belly do the Alien Ressurection thing. And like a good horror movie, things are a little fun and a little scary...September is fast approaching and there are still some things to work out- like how we are going to afford the car seat, stroller and co-sleeper we still need to get. And whether we will get into a daycare...and how bad would it be to get drunk in the hospital. (I'm talking for The Husband, not me...I'll be high on Life, I'm sure.)Ack! Deep breaths.


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

If you are a hoochie at a D cup - dear Lord! What does that make me? But even my big girls are overshadowed by the hugeness of the belly these days.

Your Baby-Que sounds like a blast! Isn't it so fun and scary when you atart getting all that baby stuff? Makes it so real.

PS - I nominated you for an award,

buffy said...

ha! the moving thing is WEIRD. reed was really active at bedtime. as soon as i'd get into bed at night, jason and i would settle in for a good "there's a foot! no, wait, a hand!" show.