Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes WE Can!!

Are you ready to be impressed?? Otto and I not only made it to see Barack Obama speak, we also made it to the caucus the next morning. And Obama took our county by 74%!!

The rally on Friday night was amazing and actually worth standing in line for. It was a little chilly outside but I had Otto snuggled up to me in the sling with blankets etc. and he was a little trooper. Inside, he entertained us until Obama came out and then promptly fell asleep. Really could not have asked for a better behaved little boy. Especially since there were 9,000 people cheering their heads off all around us.

The next morning, I popped him into the sling again and we were off on foot to the civic center (only 7-8 blocks away) for the democratic caucus. This was my first time participating in one of these and it was FUN! About 1300 people were there (compared to the usual 100 or so that show up) and the energy was phenomenal.

I know that Otto won't remember any of this, but I felt like we were witnessing history this weekend. Whatever happens, this is change for our country. As Obama said on Friday night, no matter what happens, the name George W. Bu$h will NOT BE ON THE BALLOT IN NOVEMBER. And when Otto learns about this amazing time in school, I can tell him, "you were there."

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!! I thought of ya'll when they were covering the caucus this weekend. Both you and Otto totally ROCK. Way, way cooler than I will ever be. ;)