Friday, March 28, 2008

Its the Little Things

Here's the situation: The husband is out of town, the Mother-in-Law did a "drop-in" last night and I suspect that Otto might be teething. Hence, I am TIRED, people. Then, today at work, I had a Mail Merge in Word 2007 class (riveting, I assure you) and then tons of work on my desk. And I forgot my water bottle.*

So, I fished $1.25 out of my wallet (highway ROBBERY) and walked down the hall to the vending machine to purchase some "100% Natural Artesian Drinking Water.**" In an act of supreme kindness, the universe smiled on me and not only deposited TWO bottles of water for my one payment, but also returned all 5 of my quarters in the quarter return slot.

For a minute there, I felt like I'd won at slots in Vegas.***


*Alas, I am woefully dependent on water. If I don't have my water bottle with me at. all. times., I feel positively naked. So you can see the difficulty.

**To the environmentally conscious among you, please rest assured that whenever I actually purchase a bottle of water (rarely), I reuse the bottle several times before ultimately recycling it. Just so's you knows.

***Not that I've ever been to Vegas. Its called imagination, folks.

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