Thursday, April 3, 2008

6 months *Now With Pics!*

Dear Otto,

On March 24, you had your half birthday. 6 months! Seriously, buddy, that blows my mind.

We are having so much fun together, lately. I love it. You are developing quite a sense of humor- and I am your favorite comedienne. (Don't worry, I know it won't last- but I'm enjoying the ego boost.) Last night in the bathtub, I had you in absolute hysterics just by splashing my hand in the water and going "ooooooh!" And pretty much ANYTHING that comes out of your father's mouth is at least smile-, if not chuckle-, worthy.

You've been slightly fussy in the evenings lately, which I was attributing to teething? (although we have yet to see any little toofers emerge) but I suspect it was actually due to the ear infection that the doctor found at your 6 month visit. An EAR INFECTION! How could I be such a horrible mother- I had no idea!! So now you are on antibiotics and the fussiness has diminished. Sorry honey!

Speaking of the Dr., you weighed 18lbs. 9 oz. and are 28" long. That is tall. In fact, you are about to outgrow your infant car seat! And most of your clothes. Pretty soon it will be warm, though, and you can wear nothing but a diaper and just ride on the hood of the car. Problem solved!!

We've been very active, socially, this month. La leche league meetings, baby showers, going-away parties, dinners've done it all! And you're having some stranger anxiety which I think is developmentally appropriate but makes me feel bad when a well meaning person leans in to say hi and you erupt in a Mt. Vesuvius of screams.

You can sit up on your own for a little bit now and are getting really good at grabbing stuff with lightening speed. And! You started solids recently! So far, you've had banana and sweet potato. You weren't really sure what to do at first, but now you are tackling your chunks of banana like a pro. And you love sippy cups with water. Who knew?

All in all, you are so much fun and such a little darling. Your Dad and I just look at you sometimes in awe..."we made THAT???" Its mind-blowing. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Love you love you love you,



Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh, bless his heart with the ear infection! It happens. They bother some kids more than others. Sounds like he is growing and growing! He and AJ are the exact weight right now, but she is definitely not that long. ;)

Hugs and kisses to that cute boy from us!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

okay, the pics are priceless! *squeeeeee*