Friday, April 11, 2008

Achievement Award

Today is a triumph of sorts, in that it is the end of the week. The week sent straight from the fires of Hades. The week that shall live in infamy as GODAWFUL. In other words, this week has kicked my ass 18 ways of Sunday and I'm not even kidding. Let's review, shall we?

Last weekend-

Me: Hmmm...I feel like I'm getting a little head cold. Oh well. I'll just drink some orange juice. La dee da. (Blissfully ignorant of the torturous hours to come.)

Monday (approximately 6:03 in the AM):

Me: OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE. (Struggles to breathe without coughing up a lung and/or head exploding from horrible sinus pressure.)

I call in sick, lay in the recliner like a dead person, and then go to the Dr. around 2:45 at which time I am informed that I have sinus and ear infections. AGAIN. The cough, apparently, is just a pleasant side symptom. A third dose of antibiotic, a neti pot, and some purchased probiotics later, I am home again trying not to collapse while giving my son a bath.


I am finally feeling better. After 5 DAYS OF BEING COMPLETELY MISERABLE, SAN DIEGO.* (4 of which I had to work because I have no sick time left. ) The cough is sticking around, but has lost some of it's bite. That or I'm just getting used to barking like a trained seal.

But enough about me.

Otto has the following going on:

Getting first tooth.

A nice wet cough, similar to his dear mother's.

A rash covering his entire body. With hives. HIVES, people. (I suspect this is a reaction to the amoxicillan that he was taking up until yesterday for the ear infection that I knew nothing about.)

The only one in the family not ill in some respect is the Husband which, you know, totally makes sense since he is the only one who does NOT take vitamins/eat right/excersise/ or get enough sleep.


On the bright side, there's 6" of snow on the ground. And its really cold.

*Who is not a fan of Anchorman. Really. Who???

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