Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So things are perfectly craptacular at the mo'- little brother still in hospital (but on a slow road to recovery), shitty weather, my own mild case of something resembling seasonal affective disorder...all compounded by the fact that NO ONE IN OUR HOUSE IS SLEEPING. Not sure if its teething or the cold we have all been fighting, but Little O was up with fever and screaming and DID I MENTION THE SCREAMING for a long time last night. This on top of my husband's apparent (and oh so vexing) insomnia which turns him into a bear, and me, consequently into a shrew.

Oh. Just talked to daycare and I need to go get the little dude at lunch. Having a bad morning, fever is back. Now I feel bad for taking him at all. But he honestly seemed fine this morning. Poor little guy.

Anyway. Time for a list of my favorite things to help pull me out of the craptastic doldrums:

1. Decaf Green Tea. With honey, even. Yum.

2. Smartwool socks. Love them for me and for the little dude. Pricey but worth it.

3. The Southern Vampire Mysteries series. Yeah, that's right. I'm continuing my year of cheesy vampire lit. This is the one that HBO's True Blood is based on. And pretty gawl darned entertaining, y'all.

4. Our new Sunday dinner ritual. Frequenters of this blog will know that we are not religious folk. But the husband and I were both raised attending church and kind of miss the family-ness that such an activity provided. Oila! Sunday Dinner is born! Each Sunday we have been choosing a new recipe (from The Best Recipe, natch) and cooking it together. Even Little O helps by standing on a chair and beating measuring cups together. Its really quite adorable. So far, we've made pot roast, spaghetti and meatballs, and meatloaf. All delicious.

5. The returning light. I love it that there is now some light left when I get off work, trudge to my car and make my way home (with a slight detour to pick up the dude from daycare.) It will only get better from here.

Well that made me feel better...how 'bout you?


buffy said...

Oh, Lord, I've had seasonal affective disorder for, like, fourteen, maybe fifteen years at this point. It's awful.

I like my flannel monkey pajamas. And how Reed is maybe possibly getting past the terrible two's now that he's been three for a month-and-a-half. And pumpkin cobbler bread. And cheese dip, the kind you get at the Mexican restaurant, not the yellow kind in a jar.

And I'm glad you like Hoot!

Anonymous said...

I love Sookie, but have been afraid to read ahead of the HBO series. How many have you read. Should I just do it?

I feel you with the SAD. I have been fluctuating between severe anxiety and being depressed, which culminated in a migrain today. :-( Oh well.

Hope you get some sleep lady. Ain't kids grand? Between the dogs and Margot I haven't slept that great this week either. Maybe it's the full moon?