Tuesday, January 6, 2009

With a Bang

Hi! Miss me? Well dry your weeping eyes because I'm back. Yay!

And a little the worse for wear, I'm afraid. The holiday break started out nicely...time at the in-laws eating, opening presents, and generally making merry. Then it was back home, one lovely day with just the 3 of us, and then a stolen day for just the Husband and I...

But then. A phone call. My little brother had a skiing accident and was in the hospital in Denver. As the closest relatives, Little O and I hopped in the car and headed down to the big city to see what we could do.

There were insurance questions and surgery related decisions to be made and, get this, he didn't want our parents to know. Gah! I finally convinced him to tell them and my mom arrived a couple days later.

After major back surgery, he is going to recover but it will be a long, hard road and require a major life-style change, i.e., no more skiing off 30 ft. cliffs. Um...duh.

So yeah. That was my holiday break. Now, I'm on to thinking about New Year's goals and trying to get the hang of being back at work. How are you?


buffy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that he's okay, even if he's not 100%. I'm glad you're back. I'm glad I'm back, too!

VoofaVoofa said...

Holy crap. Scary, scary stuff. Very glad to hear he's okay.