Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Word of the Day

hyperborean \ˌhī-pər-ˈbȯr-ē-ən, -(ˌ)pər-bə-ˈrē-ən\
adjective 1 : of or relating to an extreme northern region: FROZEN
2 : of or relating to any of the arctic peoples

Translation: IT IS BLOODY COLD HERE TODAY. -4 degrees F, with the windchill we are at a balmy -20!!

And my car fucking sucks to drive on ice. I have a 1997 Ford Escort that was a gift from my parents when I went to college. Don't get me wrong...it has been a GREAT little car...dependable and trustworthy all these years even though it is a godawful color (WHO would paint a car that color I will never know...I think my folks got a good deal on it because it was so ugly) and has no cruise control or working A/C (which you don't really need in WYoming anyway).

But. Even though it has front wheel drive, it is a deathtrap on ice. It didn't use to bother me too much when it was just me in the car, but now that it's myself and Little O, I am suddenly paralyzed with fear when we are out ice-skating amongst enormous pick-up trucks full of rednecks who drive WAY TOO FAST in bad weather.

So today I am daydreaming about a new car...which of course I cannot and will not be able to afford anytime in the near future. I want something with good gas mileage and all wheel drive...

Like maybe a Subaru Forrester:

Or the Ford Escape Hybrid:

Oh the things we fantasize about as adults, eh?

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