Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ba dunk a dunk

Despite my best efforts, losing weight is proving to be difficult. Really, I suspect that it is because I am still breastfeeding- Its like my body just wants to cling on to that layer of fat as an insurance policy. Also, my workouts have been thwarted this week by what I suspect is a sinus/ear infection. Boo.

But I am noticing that my arms are a bit firmer, my legs a bit more shapely and overall I am feeling pretty fit. But the numbers on the scale are proving to be very stubborn and my post baby tummy is just chillin' -apparently oblivious that I am shouting LAST CALL with every crunch, sit up and leg raise I do. Also my ass. It is large.

So onwards and upwards, I say! I'm not giving up and the onset of warmer climes and longer days will make exercising out of doors more of a possibility. And really I suspect that rather than upping my activity I should really be looking at the girl scout cookies and garlic bread I can't seem to stay away from lately. Ahem.

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Amelia Sprout said...

Oh, Shred! You know you want to. ;)