Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You know...

...I am in the best mood. We're having a cold snap so the weather is not particularly nice, we're totally freaking broke due to stupid medical bills, and my job is boring as ever but DAMN if I'm not just happy as a pig in shit.

The only thing I can attribute this to is something that I have been decidedly hesitant about mentioning due to my extreme fear of JINXING it: The little O man has been sleeping through the night. For two weeks.

OMFG, y'all. It only took 18 months. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!

I know that there will be regressions...it is inevitable. But the fact that he is sleeping is so delicious, so delectable, so luxurious that it has kind of gone to my head. I think I look younger. My clothes fit better. The world is shinier and food tastes awesome-er. My energy level is through the roof.

Future be damned, I'm enjoying it right now.

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