Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SMILE! You're on the Internet!

Any regular reader of this here blog knows that I'm not a spiritual or religious person. I don't really believe in G0d and I tend to trust scientific explanations first and foremost, well, behind those of my dad, Meatloaf and Star Wars. (Really, is there any spiritual dilemma Yoda DOESN'T have the answer for??)

In all seriousness, I do, however, tend to believe in energy...the best way I can think to explain this is that I believe that the energy you put out into the universe comes back to you. Like a boomerang. Or dog poop that won't ever truly be cleaned off the bottom of your shoe, depending.

(An aside: I took this test recently and got 100% Secular Humanism followed by 95% Unitarian Universalist and 92% Liberal Quaker. Interesting.)

Rebecca over at Girls Gone Child recently posted about optimism and perpetuating hope on the Internet. She's right in that negativity is rampant...people (yours truly included) have a tendency to use blogs/facebook/twitter etc. as their own personal emotional dumping grounds. Having a shitty day? Tweet it! Pissed about something? Change your facebook status! We're all guilty of it. And misery loves company, non?

The problem is that generally, shitty moods are contagious. Negativity is like pink eye...unchecked, it will run rampant, blithely infecting all who cross its path. But so is happiness. Optimism. Hope. Whatever you want to call it... Positivity. That can be infectious too.

I'm assuredly guilty of crapping all over the Internet...we all have our moments. And I do not think that you should just put on a happy June Cleaver face because really- it can help people to see/hear/read that others are in the same boat...that everyone struggles with bad moods, money woes, crabby kids, whathaveyou. And reading about others' challenges can be a real boon- the stay-at-home mom who struggles with PPD can find a support network online, etc. The Internet should not be all roses and sunshine and cute little bunnies.

BUT. What does it hurt to share good news? Smiles? Happy thoughts? Nuthin, that's what. Rebecca has a great point.

What do you think?


In the spirit of this post, check THIS out. :) Awesome.

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Mackenzie said...

I do generally try to keep things positive on my blog, with some exceptions. In part, though, I'm driven by the fact that my blog is much more of a public presence than my other online activities, so I have to keep "image" in mind (given my career).

Plus, I'm generally a pretty cheerful person. I never thought I'd say that, but I'm realizing more and more that it's true.