Monday, March 23, 2009

Observations. In List Form. With Links. Don't Ever Say I Don't Deliver.

1. This weekend was so fracking beautiful, it was hard to go indoors for any reason. 60's, sunny, no wind...bliss.

Today, the shit is hitting the fan. And by shit, I mean snow. Boo. Its always like this in March but that doesn't make it suck any less.

2. I am a huge freaking dork and bought and watched the Twilight DVD this weekend. And enjoyed it. A lot. I am now suddenly wanting to move to the Pacific Northwest and become a reclusive author because OMG it looks so beautiful there.

3. I also took myself on a date to see I Love You, Man. Some thoughts:
* I totally heart Jason Segal.
* This movie had some of the most awkward moments I've ever sat through in a film. Some of the scenes were so uncomfortable, I had to look away from the screen.
* BUT- it was very funny. Not Knocked Up or Forgetting Sarah Marshall funny but it was definitely worth the bike ride and purchase of $2.50 milk duds. And really, getting to enjoy the recently mentioned milk duds in the dark theater by myself would have been worth sitting through a much crappier movie.

4. Hahahaha.

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