Friday, February 19, 2010


As a variation on a "My Favorite Things" post, I thought I'd share some stuff, people and music that I'm crushing on right now. This time of year, especially, I find myself needing just a little inspiration to stay motivated- not only for just the day to day stuff but also for the extras (knitting, journaling, getting dressed in the morning...) This shit is getting me through, people.

First up, Bill Murray and more specifially, this movie. I love it so much.

He was recently on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations (another crush) and it was so fun to see the two of them together, discussing food and other things...Sigh. Think I just might have a thing for older, ruggedly handsome and darkly humored men? Me either. :-)

Also, I'm still totally crushing on First Aid Kit (link to their MySpace)...I know the band name is silly but 1., English is not their native tongue and 2., they are so young! But OMG look at this gorgeous video! And I love, love LOVE how their stong, soaring voices blend together.

And, lastly, check out these adorable handpainted cards on Etsy...This broken hearted one's my favorite (of course):

I'm making a concerted effort to create more right now...I feel like its a great way to pull myself up by my bootstraps and dust the dirty old snow off my pants. I'm trying to journal more, do more art projects with my little dude and brainstorm re-decorating ideas for the house.

That, paired with a generous dose of Crown Royal might just get me through :-)

What's getting you through the hum-drums of late winter?

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