Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Selling out. And more diet blah blah blah

Some housekeeping: So I've been fucking around with layout and stuff and I ended up adding just a little advertising over there, to the right. Yeah, I know its hard to miss. I hope its not too disruptive but I like BlogHer and what they do for women bloggers. When I got the invite, I thought "why not?" If I get a little change for decaf mochas out of the deal what's the harm, right?

Now I just wish I could afford to go to the BlogHer conference in NYC...it sounds so fun!!

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Speaking of mochas (or lack thereof), I'm on day 2 of the No S Diet. The No Seconds thing wasn't hard. The No Snacks part was kind of tough. The No Sweets thing, however, was brutal yesterday. I didn't realize how completely hooked I have been on a little something sweet after lunch. And dinner. And in the middle of the afternoon if I happen to forget my piece of fruit that I usually snack on. Ouch.

I think I'm going to cheat a little and keep the mid-afternoon snack of either fresh fruit or veggies. I really need a blood sugar boost around 3pm to keep from going completely mental on my co-workers and/or sweet family.

And just to clarify, I'm not trying to lose weight. Not really. I could probably stand to be 10-15lbs lighter but I am right in the middle of "normal" (whatever that is) for my height. What I am trying to do is tone up and get healthy(er). I really want to be stronger. I already exercise pretty regularly (30-50 min, 4-5 times a week) but I feel like curbing my bad eating habits will help me feel better about myself and ultimately help me to really firm up.

I've actually been wishing lately that I could take some sort of martial arts or self-defense classes. There aren't a lot of options around here and the karate club that I see advertisements for around town seems intimidating...anyone know of any good DVD's /at home workouts that teach that stuff? I know that's no substitute for an in-the-flesh instructor but I'm shy. And mainly have to do any working out at 5:00am, which cuts down on my options of scheduled classes just a bit.

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Amelia Sprout said...

Speaking as someone who evaluates her own eating a lot, don't drop the snack. Snacking is really good for you. If you snack on the right things. Otherwise you can go in to dinner too hungry and make bad choices.

Damn that cookie I just ate, it was not a right choice. ;)