Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Favorite Things

The bad: Its fucking freezing here (of course) (still): -2 degrees this morning on our way to work/daycare. Additionally, I live with a sick, complaining Husband. And also a sick, whiny, fragile toddler. I'm also still dealing with the emotional weight of my brother and his partner's miscarriage, my rift with my other brother, friends who seem to be disappearing down the rabbit hole of booze/drugs and/or on the verge of losing partial custody of their kids because they just can't seem to parent responsibly....sigh.

Its been a while since I've done a My Favorite Things post...but I need a little pick me up and thinking about things I'm loving is one of the best ways for me to pull myself up and dust off my pants.

First up, is my new toy: the Kindle 2.

Yeah, yeah. You've all heard about it. But truly. For a prolific reader like myself, it is kind of totally fantastic.

(Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY being compensated for reviewing this. I paid full price for the bastard.)

I've gotten over the buyer's remorse-type feelings that I always get when I spend any large amount of money on myself and have really started enjoying it. I've downloaded a bunch of free classics that I can't wait to read/reread: Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jane Eyre...and there are lots more where those come from.

I purchased one book, just to try out the whole shop/download wirelessly thing and I've gotta say, it was pretty smooth. Also, my custom made cover arrived just a day after the Kindle did and it turned out so cute! I'm officially smitten.

And while this thing won't completely replace books for me- If I read something that I truly love and know I will want to reread/share I'll probably eventually purchase it in hard copy form. But for guilty pleasure reading (which I, ahem, do a lot of), I just don't see how this thing can be beat.

When I'm able to tear myself away from the Kindle for a moment, I'm also really loving the simple things:

Chamomile tea.

Walking home for lunch in the bright (cold) sunshine.

Long, rambling phone calls with friends.

Snuggling with my kid under the down comforter while the wind whistles outside.

Good TV: like this, this or this.

Thinking about Spring, as far away as it might be.

What things are you loving right now?

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Maggie May said...

Boy do I hear you on the troubles. Big troubles here, too, and big gratitudes as well. I'm loving the Cali. weather, hot baths, American Idol, coffee, my kids, and my cats.