Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We have new neighbors. I haven't met them but if I were to do so now, I might sock one in the jaw. Let me explain:

At first, it seemed like they might be kind of cool- I caught a glimpse of a blue mohawk disppearing into the front door of their house one day and thought, "oh cool, punks!" But I think I'm realizing that I'm just not as young and crazy as I used to be and am starting to have less tolerance for those that are. First: They have thrown a couple of wild parties. Which, you know, isn't that big a deal. They have been on weekends so...whatever. We live in a college town. Its gonna happen. Second: Someone (Blue Mohawk?) has a drum kit. And they like to practice alot. (And believe me, they need it.) All Sunday afternoon practicing? Annoying, but ok. Its a free country or whatever. Saturday night? Ummmm...ok. We preggo ladies need our beauty rest, but I try to be understanding. MIDNIGHT ON A MONDAY? This is going too far. People have work and shit! Last night we were awakened by some of the worst drumming I have EVER heard. Ever. The hub almost went over there to politely ask them to stop but then realized that he was in bed in his boxers and called the cops instead.

Maybe now we'll get some peace. I never thought I'd be the grumpy cop-calling neighbors but here I am. Maybe I should just change my name to Agnes and start getting my hair done at the beauty parlor because that's about as cool as I feel right now. But at least I'll be able to sleep. I hope.

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