Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Writers Life for Me?

So, my mother has been telling me that I should start a journal to keep track of my thoughts and feelings during pregnancy. As I have been a journaler, off and on, my entire life, this seems like a good idea. Normally, I will go through an intesely introspective stage, where I write and write and write like a mad woman and then there will be a long drought, sometimes a year or so, where nary a word hits the page. I always thought, however, that if I ever did get pregnant, it would be one of those feast times: A time when my thoughts and emotions would be too much to keep in- that I would simply have to get them down on paper or EXPLODE! The reality? Not so much.

I keep telling myself that I really should be writing stuff down, but for some reason, it just seems like a chore. I think part of my problem might be that this was a suprise pregnancy and I am still just trying to get my head around the insanity of it all- and putting shit down on paper might make it even more real and ominous somehow. (Or, I could just be lazy.) I'm kind of hoping that after my first dr's appointment (in one week), things will start to sink in and I'll be better able to start processing it all in writing. If not, I'll just get my feelings out by nagging my husband and scowling at total strangers. It's worked before...

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