Thursday, February 15, 2007

Its Snot Funny!

Ah, winter. While I enjoy snow and ice as much as the next person (who would've thunkit- snowshoeing is FUN!), I have to admit that February is dragging on and on and on and on...and I can't seem to get warm. We had a few beautiful, fleeting days of 45 degree weather, but now we are back to having our snot frozen in our noses the second we step outside. And the layer upon layer of snow that was so pretty before the holidays now is just annoying. I miss clear roads and jacket weather. I miss riding my bike to work. *Sigh* The sad part is, that at 7,000 ft, we realistically have in the very least 2 more full months of this and at the worst, 3-4. The year before last, we had a huge snow storm in June that seriously maimed my lilacs. So you can see why I'm skeptical.

Oh well. At least the days are getting longer, no matter the temperature. Its nice to have light at 5pm when I drag my tired, bloated ass home.

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