Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its Hump Day- Time to Ramble

Here's what I've been thinking about in no particular order. ('Cause you're dying to know, don't deny it...)

1. TV-
I used to be an avid fan of American Idol. And strangely enough, I am not ashamed to admit this. As far as reality TV goes, I thought it was rather refreshing- no backstabbing, one group ganging up on another group, drunken binges, etc...just singing and the occasional barb from Simon. Anyway, I thought it was fun.

Now, however, its a different story. In my opinion, the show has just flat out worn out its welcome. Its gotten old. I tried to watch it last night (for maybe the second or third time this season) and just BLah. Its boring. No one shines, no one sparkles, and and judges are running out of things to say to people. So I switched channels over to Discovery and watched Deadliest Catch...

...And THAT"S what I'm talking about, y'all. This is reality TV as it should be: Chances of death and/or dismemberment? Check. Grumpy captains captaining grumpy crew members? Check. Icy ocean, long work hours and internal politics? Check. Not to mention all the cute little crabs destined to be some rich person's dinner. Awesome.

2. Books-
I have always been a reader and being pregnant seems to have added a whole new dimension to this addiction. I want to know everything anyone has ever written about pregnancy, childbirth, name it. While I know that omniscience is a (slightly) unrealistic goal, I'll settle for being educated. So far, I'm reading: Your Pregnancy Week by Week, The Birth Book by the Sears' and the 5th Harry Potter book. (Which, I know, is not pregnancy related but you know- the last book comes out this summer and I want to be caught up!)
On deck: The Breastfeeding Book and The Baby Book also by Sears et al.

As if this weren't enough, my dear, dear friend from KS sent me a box full of childbirth related literature this week- with some books dating back to the 70's that I can't wait to sink my teeth in to and some cool looking mama-centric zines. Yay!

3. Weather
Yes, yes, I know. My last few posts have been nothing but weather this and weather that but seriously people! Its starting to piss me off. I am sick of snow, cold, wind, frost, ice and all that stupid winter crap! That stuff is fine in December but it is April now and should begin acting as such. Bah.

Ok. I guess that's it for the rambling ranting right now. You had no idea my mind was occupied with such vital and important things, did you?

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Megan said...

Hi! Just clicked on your blog from your MDC siggy (I am daceysmomma there) and I am loving this!

I couldn't agree more about AI. This season is wearing me out. We don't have cable, or I would be all over that Discovery channel reality! Sounds awesome!

Anyway, just wanted to say HI and I look forward to reading more.

PS - Good choice on the Sears library. I only WISH someone had given me THAT to read when I was pregnant with #1 - instead of *shudder* Ezzo's Babywise. :(