Friday, April 6, 2007

Quite Possibly the Rudest Thing EVER

Seriously. Here's a story for ya:

Since I am 'with child,' as they say, I have needed little snacks here and there to keep me going throughout the day. They are generally a piece of fruit, a granola bar, or something of that nature. One of my faves lately has been Special K bars. They are super tasty, supposedly a good source of calcium and only 90 calories. Yesterday, I'm happily munching on the 'Chocolate Drizzle' variety when a co-worker with a rat-tail sees me.*

"I see you eating that candy bar, " she says, rat-tail swinging. "You need to be eating healthy."


"Yeah, well, " I say, "I always get the munchies after smoking a huge bowl of weed."

Actually, I think what I said was something along the lines of "Uh....its a Special K bar." Or something. I was kind of blinded by rage. But the weed thing would have been better.

The things we think of after the fact.

*For the record, I think I have maybe spoken to this person twice before in my whole life. And the rat-tail is not very relevant except to say Ewwww.

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