Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lip my Stocking. Lip it!**

A few things:

1) The Olympic lip-syncing 'scandal'- sure, I feel sorry for the 'un-cute' little girl. Who cares about crooked teeth? If she has a beautiful voice then let us see her! The perfectionism thing is seeming a bit desperate and silly, no?
-But is it really the front page worthy new item? I mean really. People are dying in Georgia.

2) In completely unrelated news, (except for maybe a small 'un-cute' connection, ha ha) my 31st birthday is rapidly approaching. Somehow, its not quite as depressing as I thought it would be...30 was the big milestone and really, what's one more year? Nuthin'.

When pressed for gift ideas, I have requested the most boring of all: money for clothes. It IS depressing how few of my pre-baby clothes fit my new body. While I am only 8 lbs. heavier than I was before the little dude (and not likely to lose this until we wean, I hear), things are all disproportionate or something. Grrr. So I'm putting together a list of must haves:

Jeans that actually fit and don't make me want to kill someone because they are so tight in the waist
Button up shirts with collars
A few well fitting t-shirts/blouses
One pair new shoes (maybe something along these lines )
Socks, preferably funky

What else do I need for fall??

3) One last kid-related note: So yeah, Sunday's golden moment? Fleeting. While he is not spitting like the baby on today's Ask Moxie post (LOVE Moxie!), Little O is definitely going through some kind of developmental leap. And you know what? It is ANNOYING. Whiny, wriggly, throwing food, waking up at 5 FUCKING AM annoying. Say it with me: This too shall pass.

**I love Mr. Bob Harris


Amelia Sprout said...

Hey, can you email me so I can send you your prize. ameliasprout at gmail (dot) com

Lapa37 said...

Well let me say turning 31 is really not different than turning 30 I am 37 going to be 38 in Dec and feel no different that I did at 30. Except for the extra weight rapidly growing around my middle...lol. Like you said it is just a number.
The phase your little O is in will pass only to go into yet an even more annoying one. JK NOT!