Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Favorites

Here I am again, trying to stay positive while battling a killer case of the Mondays. And so, its time for another installment of My Favorite Things a la Julie Andrews. Thanks, Rogers and Hammerstein!

Here are some of my favorite things right now (in no particular order):


Anthony Bourdain

Wes Anderson Movies

Hot showers- with NO BABIES in the room whining, unrolling toilet paper, trying to play in the toilet etc. YOU know of that which I speak...

Going to the Farmer's Market

Bitch Ph.D. Pouring over the archives. Love these bitches!

This soundtrack

Getting birthday mail even though it means that the big 31 is just around the corner...

What are your favorite things today??


Lapa37 said...

My favorite things hmmm a steaming hot bubble bath.Homemade sweet tea. Steve Perry's voice (x lead singer of Journey in case you didn't know) Led Zeppelin's The Rain Song.I have many more but I will save it for next time.

Birdie said...

mmmm...sweet tea. i've never made my a good recipe??

Lapa37 said...

Yes I do boil some water about 3 cups. In a gallon tea pitcher put in 3/4 cup of sugar. After water comes to a rolling boil add it to sugar stir until sugar dissolves. Add in 2 family size tea bags or 6 small tea bags. Let it sit for at least 3o minutes to 1 hour add cold water to fill up pitcher.Get a tall glass add ice cubes pour in tea and enjoy.

Birdie said...

That's awesome- Thanks! Can't wait to try it out!