Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still Here

We are keepin' on keepin' on. No matter what tragedies befall us, the world keeps on spinning and we have to spin with it, no? (Now, if I could just not be so DIZZY...)

McHann died on my 31st birthday and let me tell YOU, that put a damper on things. I had a bit of a re-do on Monday, taking the day off and shopping with a girlfriend. But things have been subdued. Just parenting, working, nursing, eating, sleeping...some knitting thrown in for good measure. (I am working on the most DELIGHTFUL little project! Should be done sometime in the next couple weeks at which point I will most certainly share!)

The Husband is doing remarkably well, helping out around the house a bit more than normal which I certainly won't complain about. He's been looking at puppies online and while I think its early for that, I'm glad he wants another dog at some point in the future. Its important to me that O grows up with pets. Dogs have a great deal to teach us about love, patience, nobility, loyalty...and I'd hate for Little O to miss out on those lessons.

Haven't caught much of the DNC this week...I keep meaning to watch some speeches on YouTube but you know how it goes...the day just flies by and before you know it, its 10pm and you still have to wash your pump parts and bag your milk for the next day. From what I've gleaned from various blogs/the newspaper/etc., Michelle Obama's speech is one to see as well as Hillary Clinton's. Maybe this weekend, I'll have a chance to catch up...

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