Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stop Wastin' My Time

Last week, I had an appointment at the eye doctor. We laughed, I read charts with startling accuracy, we chatted, we got through an exam with no air puffs (so GLAD they don't do that!) We discussed trying new contacts that might be more comfortable. (And they are! Yay!) We held hands. (Well, almost.)

Most importantly, we discussed dialating my eyes and came to the conclusion that because I AM BREASTFEEDING, this would not be possible. Oh darn.

Then. The eye doctor gets that flirty twinkle in his optical cavities and convinces me to participate in a clinical trial. Only one visit! he promises, We'll pay you! All you have to do is fill out a questionairre about wearing contacts and BAM! $30 is yours!

So I reluctantly agree.

Flash forward to today- my appointment for the trial. I ride my bike all the way up there (maybe 1.5 miles so, you know, not THAT far but far enough), wait in the waiting room (all the while taking TIME OFF OF WORK) only to discover that I am ineligable to participate because I AM BREASTFEEDING. Which, as has been established, the doctor knew.

Grrr. Here, I'll let Spinal Tap say it for me:

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