Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Haz Car

What are the odds? Remember when I posted this? About how my current car is not really doing it for me? And about how I daydream about Subaru Foresters or Ford Escape Hybrids fully knowing that I could never afford such a thing?

Well. Maybe wishful thinking works. Behold my new vehicle:

That's right. A Subaru Forester. And when I say "new", of course I mean "new to me." Its a 2001. (Recycle, mofos!) With All Wheel Drive. And perks the like of which I have only dared to dream- AIR CONDITIONING, CRUISE CONTROL, and the best part, unlike my current ride...IT IS NOT PURPLE.
The way that this came about it nothing short of miraculous having to do with my father taking a casual phone conversation in which I wistfully discussed my desire for new transportation and turning it into a purchased vehicle. He found us an awesome deal and we are using some tax return, financing a bit, and getting some $ from the folks. Needless to say, I'm tickled pink and ready to sell the little purple thing I've been driving for, um, 11 years.
Don't get me wrong. Those of you who know Bonanza Jellybean (my purple car), know that she has been a great car. She got me from home to college to home (many times), through my summer of crazy self discovery spent in the Tetons, through getting married and settling in a new state, through (finally) graduating from college, moving to Wyoming, and eventually carting around my firstborn. She's had a good run. But its time to place a want ad.
So this weekend, I will be cleaning her out, vacuuming her seats, polishing her faded paint and composing a missive for the classified ads. And my dad will be on his way with my new wheels.
And I couldn't be happier.
[insert happy new car dance here]

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Anonymous said...

YAY! Nothing like a new car to raise a girls spirits, no?