Thursday, May 28, 2009

I AM bringing sexy back.

Time for some pimpin', my friends. We all know I love lists and I figure its time for another My Favorite Things. I go through phases, like I'm sure most of us do...(except for my husband who has such fierce brand loyalty that it borders on some form of OCD) but right now, these are the things that are rocking my world, putting a bounce in my step (and hair) and keeping me slightly saner. Enjoy!**

1. Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo. I was dubious, at first, at the idea of a solid shampoo. I was addicted to my little coconut scented puddle of goop. But. I bit the bullet, found some of this stuff on Ebay (discounted, but new of course) and I don't think I'll ever look back. This shit IS the shit. Easy, lasts forever, no wasteful packaging, smells nice and my hair seems to lurve it big time. Win. Next, I think I want to try their solid Jungle Conditioner. I know! I'm so adventurous.

2. Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks. OMFG, y'all. How can one of my favorite things be freaking tissues you ask? Because I've had a seriously heinous cold followed by hay fever these past weeks and THESE THINGS HAVE SAVED MY LIFE. They are so soft and something about the mentholish scent is so comforting...ahhhhh.

3. Tenacious D. Because of the awesomeness.

4. My Ipod Shuffle. Don't get me wrong. I love my Zune (I have an older version of the 120): its great for audio books, long car rides and was my VERY BEST FRIEND when I was pumping milk twice a day, but for running, and just throw-in-the-purse-ability, the shuffle is rockin' my world right now. In addition to the copious amounts of D (see #3), I'm also rockin' to: the new Green Day, the Hives, Screeching Weasel, and strangely enough, JT's Sexyback. SHUT UP! I JUST LIKE THAT SONG OKAY? ITS FUN TO RUN TO! I DON'T HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF TO YOU! *blushes and clears throat.*
I'm looking for more high tempo, motivating guilty pleasure music to add, so if you have suggestions...I don't care how dorky it is, if its fun and good to work out to at 5:15 in the am.

5. The MayaWrap Sling We had kind of taken a break from babywearing much there for a while...the little dude is SO independent- he had been wanting to walk rather than be worn or carried, so I had gradually phased out even packing the sling on most short trips. We never seemed to use it. Recently, however, the good ol' sling has had a bit of a renaissance and we're both back into it for short trips to the store, walks to the park, etc. He doesn't stay in it the whole time, but asks for it often enough that its worked its way back into the mix. This is good as we are going to fly to TX in a week and it will be nice to wear him at the airport. Its so handy to just throw him in it and go, as opposed to having a bulky, unwieldy stroller with buckles etc. Viva la babysling!!

6. Warm weather and charcoal grilling. The in-laws gifted us with a new charcoal grill as an early anniversary present and when it hasn't been raining (and even when it has) we've been having a blast cooking good food and spending time out of doors. Yay summer. Finally.

How 'bout you? Any "stuff" rockin' it for you right now??

**I don't get paid for pimping any of this stuff. God, I'm a sucker.


Mackenzie said...

Nice tip on the products--looks perfect for my carry-on-only trip.

I've been loving my new iPod. It's fantastic.

Kristina said...

Yes, big fan of creative swearing myself. I especially like "this shit is THE shit." Well done.

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