Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In which I (probably) bore you to tears

Don't really feel like I have a whole heckuva lot to say today other than a probably very dry report on our long weekend. So if you fall asleep and/or need to hop off to check huff post or whatever, I completely understand.**

You've been warned.

Saturday was Tattoo Day! The husband got me a tattoo for Mother's Day. My appointment was on Saturday afternoon in a town about an hour away, so a girlfriend and myself drove down and turned it into a little girl's day out complete with greasy pizza and beer. It was great fun and I LOVE my new art. Love it. A+ to the hubs for a great Mother's Day gift.

Sunday was spent wishing we could go outside but being stuck indoors because of rain and cold. Not done: yard work, gardening, washing of automobiles...We did, however, accomplish some housework that sorely needed to be done so I suppose that's ok. Still, I would have loved to be outside, with my hands in the dirt.

Yesterday, Mem Day, was again cold and rainy. We had an engagement with friends involving BBQ, which proved to be a challenge and required a umbrella placed strategically above the grill to keep the coals alive. It all turned out OK and instead of a backyard garden party, we hung out inside eating burgers, drinking beer and listening to Devo. I can think of worse ways to spend a legal holiday.

And now, here we are again in the middle of a work week, the only consolation being that it is a short one. Plus, I'm still riding the new tattoo high and keep looking at my arm when the new ink catches my eye. Love that.

**Really my weekend was not boring- new tattoo, crazy rainy day party...I think its more that I am feeling a bit shellshocked and worn out today and am therefore sucking it at the whole writing thing.

Plus...PLUS, I'm really PISSED OFF at the California Supreme Court right now, which I'm sure is clouding my mind. Douchebags.

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