Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coherently Incomprehensible

1. I've been up since 3:30am. I am totally NOT responsible for the subsequent content of this post.

2. That said, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY please, Universe, PUH-LEASE let my child sleep tonight. My sanity and marriage depend on this.

3. Moving on: Am I the only one who not only doesn't care about who won American Idol, but am also sick of hearing about it?

4. Also: Orange flavored toothpaste- Yea or Nay? The husband swears by it but I can't get past my suspicion that it is probably completely disgusting.

5. Lastly, I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend and asgkl;efjasion awv;ionawlkvad.m*

*Apologies. That was my forehead colliding with my keyboard. Probably because I am SO FUCKING TIRED. Weep for me.


buffy said...

Oh, I do weep for you. I remember those days when Reed might at any given time decide that 2 or 3 am is a perfectly good time to wake up.

Orange-flavored toothpaste: I just don't know. I only like minty toothpaste. But I also don't like fruit-flavored candies or gum or anything like that, either. I just particularly like the mintiness.

Mackenzie said...

Not only don't I care who won American Idol, I have no idea who was playing, so if someone said the winner's name, it would mean nothing to me. Thankfully, my intake of mainstream media is strictly controlled, and nobody at my office cares, either.

In other news, I can't speak for orange toothpaste, but I tried citrus Listerine once. I quickly determined that it was the most horrific harbinger-of-the-apocalypse substance ever created by soulless creatures masquerading as humans. I wouldn't touch the toothpaste if I were you.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for the sleeplessness. I so feel your pain. Do you remember what an Pain in the ass Mitchell was? He is lucky he survived toddlerhood. I'm lucky I survived, and went on to have another little monster.

I like orange listerine so I say give the toothpaste a chance. :-)

Heidi <3