Friday, May 15, 2009

Shut, er, Shush Up

Things I say far too often, based on the frequency at which my child is repeating them:


"Ready, Honey?"


"Holy Shit"

"Holy Smokes"


"Rock n' Roll!"




Alright, I think that last one, at least, is more due to toddler-ness than me, but comes out of his mouth amazingly often. Right now, when he repeats a swear, our strategy is to not pay any special attention to it, act like it is just another word and then mentally flog ourselves for being such sailors.

And, since I'm so very into lists today, a short one of the things I hope to accomplish this weekend:

1. Sleep
2. Cleaning
3. Sleep
4. Gardening
5. Sleep

Wish me luck.


buffy said...

Oh, yeah, Reed has come out with some really good ones. Most recently "Shit fuckin' damnit!"

Kristina said...

I like your strategy, it sounds like a good one. I'm a potty-mouth, too... heaven help me when the little ones start a-comin...

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