Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Mean Reds

I have today, as Holly Golightly would say, the "Mean Reds."

1. I slept for CRAP last night- tossing and turning and waking every hour on the hour and OHMYGODIAMSOTIRED.
2. The weather here today is freakin' nasty: Cold, bitter wind that goes right through whatever you happen to be wearing and dark, overbearing clouds in every direction.
3. Well, you know... I'm pregnant and probably having hormonal grumpiness as well.

Also, I've been having such feelings of ambivalence about this pregnancy lately. Everything I read says this is normal and I'm sure it is...especially since this pregnancy was unplanned and took us both completely by suprise. But still, these feelings of fear and doubt are in turn, making me feel guilty that I'm not just all excited and twitterpated and whatnot. And, I've been having "what if my baby's not ok" thoughts since my next Dr's appt is approaching (next Wed.). Sigh.

Last night, I tried to self medicate with some "me" time: I had a yummy dinner with the Hub and then, after he went to rock n' roll band practice, I watched this movie and painted my nails. (Black. Think I'm rebelling against this mommy thing just a bit? Heh.) This might have helped a little, had I gotten a good night's sleep last night. Oh well.

Sorry to be a Mopey Mabel for this post. Would you like some cheese with this whine?

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