Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Worries Wednesday

Happy Hump Day. (I kind of love and hate calling Wednesday that...its the Junior High kid in me that loves it, I guess. You said 'hump' ha ha.) This week is going slooooooooowly- why is it not weekend yet?

Went to knitting group last night. Still plugging away on my first (and probably last) pair of socks. Don't know why I'm resisting working on them so much, but I'm just not into it. Would rather work on my baby blanket made from lovely 100% soft cotton in delicious fall colors. (Am really feeling fall colors with this baby. Sept. due date, I suppose.) Oh well, I guess I will get the socks finished eventually. They will be really nice when they are done... that and my fellow knitters won't let me abandon them. Its a right of passage, it seems and they MUST BE COMPLETED!!


On another note, the Hub brought up an interesting point the other night that has me a bit worried. (As if I needed something else to worry about when I've already got early pregnancy, money, and my little brother being deployed to Iraq, among other things...but I digress). The issue is this: how will our cat will react to having a baby in the house?

We are not really worried about the dog- she is a total saint and the only reaction I really see her having is being a bit down at first that we are so preoccupied. We'll just have to make an effort to give her attention too! The cat, however, is another issue entirely. You see, she is (for lack of a better description) pure, unadulterated Evil. I mean, she is MEAN, man. As in, no one is allowed to pet her but us. Ever. As in, the last time I took her to the vet, she gave me a black eye. A black eye, people! Sure, she has her sweet moments (loves to cuddle on the bed on weekend mornings, etc.) but for the most part, she is Satan's little helper and the thought of her in the same room as a baby, or god-forbid a toddler, fills me with dread.

At the same time, I will NOT get rid of her because I view having a pet as a serious responsibility (like having a kid, really), nor will I de-claw her because she is already 7 years old and that can seriously fuck with an adult cat's psychological health. (As in, they can start peeing and pooping everywhere but the litter box, which in my mind is the last thing you need with a newborn in the house.)

The best I can come up with right now is that we will just have to 'wait and see' how she reacts and go from there. But I plan on doing some research to see if there's anything I can do before the baby gets here. Wonder if a google search for "satanic cats + babies" will bear any fruit...

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Tanya said...

Hi. Hope you don't mind me commenting on something you wrote eons ago (have just discovered your blog). About the cat worries - I have a friend who had the same concerns with her evil cat. But as soon as the baby came home the cat completely ignored it. Snubbed it, more like. If the baby was brought into a room that the cat was in, the cat would leave the room.

Hope it's that easy for you. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.