Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Well, my first appointment was nothing to be so nervous about. It went great, considering. We saw the baby move on ultrasound and heard a heartbeat. It was pretty cool. The only weird thing is that I'm Rh negative but they seem to have that well in hand these days.

I'm feeling much better about things in general. Also, I'm further along than we thought I was which explains why my 'morning sickness' has gotten considerably better in the last week. I'm actually at 12 weeks today. 2nd trimester here I come!

We also began officially telling people. Most people seem to be excited for us. There are some family that are a little too excited, however. I feel scrutinized all the sudden. And like I'm their prize heifer that is finally doing what I was bought to do. I know that's a horrible way to look at it but there you go. My twisted mind.

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buffy said...

oh, man. dealing with other people while you're pregnant only gets WORSE the further along you get. just wait until homeless ladies in the park are running up and rubbing your belly. that's the good part.