Thursday, March 1, 2007

Co-workers...can't live with 'em and don't want to

So I'm in the kitchen-esque break-room thing yesterday morning, innocently stashing away my V8 and N0-sugar-added applesauce and I notice a co-worker (works in the office down the hall) standing behind me, waiting for her turn with the fridge.

Me: "Good morning." (While not overly friendly, I usually at least make an effort to be polite.)

Co-worker: "Well, no one wants to thump you on the head."

Me: (Puzzled look. Slowly backing away.)

Not sure what that means, but I hope it wasn't a threat. She's quite a bit bigger than me and a "thump" would probably hurt. Alot.

More probably, she is just quite insane. Yeah, I'm sticking to that explanation.

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