Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Odds and Ends. Mostly Odds.

So I'm in this knitting group that meets once a week. There are 3 of us "core" members and others sort of come and go as the mood strikes. As it is spring break for the university here, tonight's meeting was sparse: just myself and one other person. So, of course we promptly get into a pseudo-intellectual argument about the difference between a genre and a setting and whether space westerns really exist as their own genre. This is my life. D.O.R.K.

Anyway, the weather here has been great the past couple of days which is really too bad because instead of being able to enjoy it, I have been laid up with excrutiating sciatic nerve pain. WTF? Called the Dr's and was informed that this is common in pregnancy and all I can do is take tylenol, lay on the opposite side and alternate heat and cold. This pisses me off to no end: 1. I love to work out. On days I skip working out, I feel shitty. Of course, I've not really been able to work out. But have snuck in a little yoga here and there. 2. I ride a bike or walk to work if the roads are bad. Both are now ridiculously painful and I feel like an old granny tottering down the street. 3. It meant having to use 8 precious hours of sick time to lay on my side and read Harry Potter all day. (Ok, so maybe that last one isn't that bad.) It does, however, feel better after 24 hours of staying off of it so maybe it was just a fluke and will now be forever gone. Keep your fingers crossed.

Lastly, how much did the daylight savings time change suck? I mean really. This one always sucks (I hate losing an hour) but 3 weeks early? Come ON. Gah.

Cheerful, ain't I? ;-)

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