Friday, October 31, 2008


For the first time in recent memory, I am really getting into the Halloween thing. So much so that I kind of wish I had taken the time to think up a costume for myself. Little O is rocking the ninja thing. So cute.

We carved a huge, classic jack o' lantern and toasted the seeds. Otto helped by walking around with a big spoon and periodically stooping down to get a little pumpkin on it and then flinging it all over the kitchen. Good times.

And tonight, I am taking the little guy trick or treating (just to a couple co-workers houses- he doesn't really eat candy yet) and then to a Halloween party. And guess what? I'm excited!

I think that in recent years, I'd forgotten the fun, the magic of Halloween. I'd forgotten how, when I was a kid it felt exciting and daring to dress up and then go out into your neighborhood at night- with flashlights and reflective tape on your costume- going door to door not knowing what delightful, delectable treats would make it into your plastic pumpkin. I'd forgotten that feeling of having your coat on -hopefully under- your costume (and possibly also wearing snow boots- it was Montana) and walking around in the darkness convincing yourselves that you can hear bats and ghosts and witches.

I'm excited for Otto to experience these things. Not now, but soon. And next year I'm coming up with a kick ass costume for myself- even if the only place I wear it is to the store to buy candy. Because why the hell not?

Have fun, eat much candy, be safe. Happy Halloween!!

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Lapa37 said...

I hope you both had fun trick or treating. Sorry I haven't been around for so long I just started another blog and had to set up one for my hubby and my sister-in-law.I have been so busy with that stuff.Hope all has been going well.