Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots of Used Tissues and Dirty Cereal Bowls

Well, I've come out on the other side of a nasty, nasty headcold, resulting in a sick day spent on the couch alternately sleeping with my mouth open and watching reruns of Jon and Kate plus 8. This is my life.

In other non-snot related news, I'm so excited to watch the debate tonight I just might pee my pants a little. Just kidding. (Although now that I've had a kid, sneezing does have small risks if my bladder is full. TMI? Pardonez Moi.)


We are totally out of food as neither of us has been grocery shopping all week. We are basically surviving on cereal, frozen blueberries and hamburger buns. I think a meal out this evening may be in order.



Sweva said...

I'm not that worried about tonight...but you know the GOP always has some stinky trick up its sleeve...whether it works or blows up in their face (again), we can only wait and see!

Cool blog, looks like we share some similar interests. I went right to my favs and put you down!

You can check out my google blogs...I started with the P-patch and then ended up separating my interests among 3:
-Sweva's P-patch (environmental)
-The Joyful Left (politics)
-Different Stages Music Project

I also post to a friend's blog:
-The Rant from Boulder (politics)

I'll work on reading through your archive of posts this weekend.


Sweva said...

Oh, and since we both seem to be cartoon characters, maybe we'll appear in cameos on Bugs Bunny sometime! LOL!

Someone should start a blog where only cartoon faces can post...that would be interesting...well, maybe not.

Birdie said...

@sweva- thanks for stopping by! cartoons unite!