Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Observations:

1. Baby boogers are gross but not as gross as adult boogers. I'm just saying. (The same goes for baby poop, as well.)

2. Much to the chagrin of my co-workers and as much as I hate germs, I refuse to use Ly$ol or nasty Clor0x Wipes. They are bad. BAD! Give me baking soda, vinegar, or plain old soap and water please.

3. Apparently, in Wyoming, if you hunt, own wave runners and/or snowmobiles, you are "outdoorsy." If you hike, snowshoe, and/or like camping you are a "hippie."

4. My stupid ass skin is rebelling against me right now and I have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is the change in seasons...I'm eating healthy, working out, drinking lots of H2O...

5. I'll be relieved when tonight's debate is over and done with. I'm not super excited but I feel somehow obligated to watch.

6. Will Ferrel is funny.

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VoofaVoofa said...

If you only knew how many people tried to set me up with their ATV-drivin', gun-slingin' sons while living in Illinois, because I was "outdoorsy," just like they were ...

Birdie, can you e-mail me? I don't know how to e-mail you. I'm at voofavoofa (at sign) gmail.