Friday, October 3, 2008


So the debate was a bit disappointing, no? I mean there were no obviously stupid comments, no name-calling, no crying. Well, I guess there was a little crying but it wasn't from her. No fun!

All kidding aside, I commend Palin's coaches- nice job. While she did not have many direct answers or specific examples, she did not make an ass of herself. Go get yourself a Jager shot.

Joe Biden, however, kicked ass. He was truly interviewing for a job- answering questions directly and citing specific examples. He did a wonderful job of sticking to the issues and contrasting McCain's views with Obama's. I could actually imagine him taking over the Oval Office, should the need arise.

I especially enjoyed the exchange regarding same-sex marriage. He was on point and when he implied that McCain/Palin shared the same stance as he and Obama, Palin's "oh shit" look was priceless.

A clip: (the best moment happens around 2:35)

Of course, Obama/Biden support "Civil Unions" giving same-sex couples the same constitutionally protected rights afforded married couples.

In other news, the snot is BACK and I'm currently stuck at work wishing like hell for my couch and a cup of tea.
And the Husband just IM'd me and said the bailout passed.
Strange times, indeed.

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