Monday, October 13, 2008

In Which I Have Real! Live! Friends!

Excuse me if my hair is just a tad windblown- it was a whirlwind of a weekend. But FUN! Yeah!

Friday night after I was FINALLY free from the office shackles, we went to a birthday party for a new friend. (I've been making an effort to cultivate more friendships...I'm so busy and naturally a little introverted and these things combined can work to sabotage a social life. Anyway. Go me!) Otto stayed up super late (9! PM!) and entertained everyone by making funny faces and pointing to things and asking "Dis? Dis?". It was fun. Beers were drunk and so were the people. (But not me, of course. Hello! Nursing!)

Saturday, I went to Diwali Nite on campus- OMG it was a freakin' riot. I've never been before and the entertainment was great and the food even better. For some reason, I had it in my moronic head that I didn't like Indian food. Because I tried it ONCE at a shitty restaurant in Denver. Yeah. So guess what? I DO like it! (For the most part- there were a couple things that were just too spicy for my pansy-ass palate.) Who would've thunk it? It was also nice to be out with girlfriends sans Bebe- The husband had no problem getting him down for the night so there was a bare minimum of mom-guilt.

Yesterday was a cold, clear fall day and I made up for my absence the night before by taking little O for a long trip to the park complete with picking up wood chips and swinging. The husband made baby back ribs (YUM) and we all watched the new episode of True Blood which, although I still think it is a tad silly and melodramatic, is growing on me.

Sigh. Why can't every day be Weekend???

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