Monday, October 6, 2008

Take This Food and Shove it!

Ok, what is WITH the pickiness??? Over the weekend, the only, and I mean ONLY things that Otto would eat were little organic veggie crackers, freeze dried apples and frozen blueberries. That. is. it. Mac n' cheese? No thanks. Quesadilla? Nope. Mixed veggies? Negative. Broccoli, chicken, organic o's cereal, noodles...No, no, no, NO!

Really, I knew this was a part of toddler hood...but I was thinking more like 2 years old as opposed to 12 MONTHS. Gah.

He is still nursing (mostly evenings, overnight, and early morning- we're almost day weaned) which might have something to do with it. Its like he's holding out for the good stuff. And while I wish we could still nurse on demand, (and in a perfect world we would!), I have to pump wean. Enough is enough. Pumping at work is starting to effect my sanity. I still nurse him over the noon hour and as I mentioned, whenever we are home together so I don't feel like I'm being all that withholding.

Another issue might be that he just wants to MOVE. Walk walk walk...he's all over the place now. I've been trying to take the Drs. Sears' advice and feed him finger foods as he is 'on the go' and that works to a certain extent although he still rejects a great deal of what we offer him and asks for blueberries or crackers. (He does this by signing "more" and then pointing to the freezer/cupboard. Smart little shit.)


On a related note, I have a new recipe for Beef and Barley stew in the crock pot for tonight. I hope it turns out. Crock pot recipes can be so crappy sometimes...but the lure of the 'easy' keeps me coming back...


Amelia Sprout said...

If he's still nursing, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I heard a great thing about not becoming a "cafe mom". If he won't eat it, he'll live without for a bit. It will pass, and he'll eat other things again.
I'm also not above bargaining. If M wants fruit, she needs to finish up at least half of her veggies. Usually, left to her own devices, she would anyways, it just keeps meal time moving a bit faster. It's gotten to the point where she just does it now, without the trade off, and still gets her fruit anyway.
Oh, and the signing more and pointing, too cute. I love it when she does it.

Mackenzie said...

Remember to post your recipe if it works out! Also, I have a couple really great crock-pot soup recipes that I can pass along, if you like.

Birdie said...

I'd love some soup long as they are easy!